Gospel in Life: Grace Changes Everything

Our Lenten “Soup, Salad, and Study” will look into Timothy Keller’s series, Gospel in Life. We will cover the first four studies during Lent and finish the remainder during our summer series later this year.

The Gospel in Life is a little bit of everything, part Bible Study, part teaching from Presbyterian minister Tim Keller, and part video discussion. The goals of this study is to take us deeper into the Gospel and see how it works itself out in our hearts, our community, and our world.

Please see the links below for each session. Please follow along, even if you are not able to be with us during the session. Please bring soup, salad, drink, or dessert to share!

Session 1 – March 12 – “City: The World That Is”
Study Guide 1
Video Session 1

Session 2 – March 19 – “Heart: Three Ways to Live”
Study Guide 2
Video Session 2

Session 3 – March 26 – “Idolatry: The Sin Beneath the Sin”
Study Guide 3
Video Session 3

Session 4 – April 2 – “Community: The Context for Change”
Study Guide 4
Video Session 4

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