+ All are Welcome + Love God and Neighbor +

CHRIST the king

Join us on Sundays @ 9:00 a.M.

CtK @ Home

Unable to attend in person? Seeking a spiritual connection from the comfort of your own home? Join our YouTube livestream and experience the warmth and fellowship of CHRIST the KING.

You’re Invited to the Table

Each Sunday, we share in Holy Communion, a powerful reminder of God’s immense love for us. At the table, you’re welcome to receive and remember your baptism and deepening your connection with Jesus.

Love God, love neighbor

At CHRIST the KING, we believe in deepening your connection with God and extending His love to our Lake Tahoe community. We offer a variety of ministries, from worship and music to outreach and care. Discover your gifts and use them to serve God and your neighbors.

Word and Sacrament

As a modern church infused with ancient tradition, we find deep meaning in the Word of God and the sacrament of Holy Communion.

Join us weekly for a vibrant worship experience filled with music, prayer, and inspiring meditations. Sing along with uplifting music, share prayers with a warm community, and be inspired by meditations on Scripture.

At CHRIST the KING, you’ll find not just spiritual nourishment, but also a welcoming community where you can connect with others on their faith journey.

This week at Ctk:

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